IDC Radio on 106.2 FM is a college radio station operating under the educational stations of Kol-Israel Radio and broadcasting from the Sammy Ofer Communications School studios at the IDC Herzliya. The IDC International Radio is sponsored by the Asper Foundation. The channel is operated by students and staff from the IDC with conjunction and under the supervision of senior professionals from the communication industry. As part of their curriculum, students are experienced in all areas of broadcasting – they broadcast, produce, edit, and attend to the technical and musical aspects.

The station operates without commercials and as a non-profit organization.

Students’ innovation, creativity and originality coupled with professionalism and emphasis on the values of the IDC set the IDC Radio apart in the Israeli communication map.

IDC Radio focuses on talk programs and is unique in that it includes students from the Raphael Recanati International School and offers broadcasts in English as well as in Hebrew.

We aim at creating interesting, intelligent and fun contents up to external standards of quality. Our broadcasting schedule includes a wide variety of programs, including: culture, current affairs, humor, academia, sports, music, entrepreneurship, society and Zionism.

The channel’s musical scale goes from popular to alternative with a focus on varied, quality programs appealing to a wide spectrum of age groups. We strive to discover that which is new and interesting in Israeli and foreign music while maintaining a unique and challenging as well as accessible and intriguing musical line.

Our radio facilities are highly advanced both in Israel and around the world and include state of the art sound systems and broadcasting software as well as professional video and digital equipment. This infrastructure enables a video and audio high standard broadcasts simultaneously with the FM broadcasts in other media, including Internet, cellular etc. The radio studios won an architectural prize for their innovative design.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Asper Institute for New Media Diplomacy for taking part in the production of the IDC Radio website.



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Mailing Address:

IDC Radio
IDC Herzliya
P.O. Box 167, Herzliya 46150,




Ofer Levi – Radio Manager
Rona Zahavi – Intenational Radio Manager
Anat Greenblum – Production Director
Tomer Gershenman – Music Director and TA
Anat Henkin – Content Director and TA
Tomer Frishman – New Media Director and TA
Yvonne Saba – Academic Coordinator and TA
Elad Naimi – Webmaster and Sound Engineer

Board of directors

Prof. Uriel Reichman, Prof. Noam Lemelshtrich Lata, Dr. Ayelet Ben-Ezer, Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, Prof. Amnon Rubinstein, Mr. Shalom Kital, Mr. Arie Rotenberg, Mrs. Annie Abutbul, Mr. Ofer Levi.


Sammy Ofer School of Communications

The Sammy Ofer School of Communications offers a three-year, single-major program leading to a bachelor’s degree in communications. The program is supported by an international scientific team that includes the heads of the leading schools of communications in the USA.

  • The school offers in-depth studies in three key areas:
    Interactive communication | Persuasive communication | Television studies
  • All the specializations include theoretical courses, workshops and practical projects. The School is equipped with sophisticated communications systems and technologies, including: Television Studios, Post Production Center, Audio-Visual Content Production and Broadcast Center, Newsroom

Communications MuseumOne of the School’s main objectives is to provide students with the opportunity to experiment with different types of media, enabling them to understand how things work in the industry and to gain practical experience in utilizing new media. Another major objective is to research fields that will expand human knowledge in understanding the social and cultural changes brought about by communication technologies.


Raphael Recanati International School

The Raphael Recanati International School at IDC Herzliya is the only academic
institution in Israel that offers bachelor’s degree programs that are taught entirely
in English. Degrees granted by IDC Herzliya are accredited by the Israeli Council
for Higher Education and are recognized worldwide.

The school’s faculty is world-renowned having earned their degrees from the world’s
finest universities with a high percentage coming from the Ivy League. Computer
Science and Business faculty members are engaged in a number of large-scale research
and development projects that are supported by Israeli and American governmental
agencies, such as the Chief Scientist’s Office of the Israel Ministry of Science, the US
Department of Defense, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and NASA. The
School of Government faculty includes researchers and scholars famous for their work
on Middle East affairs and international relations, as well as their work in conflict
resolution and counter-terrorism. At the Communications School internationally
recognized experts on new media explore the impact of changing technology on
society, and the New School of Psychology faculty includes award-winning academics
who are researching topics in such fields as interpersonal relationships, coping with
stress and trauma, suicide prevention, and happiness. The faculty of IDC Herzliya
makes every effort to share their knowledge and professional experience and to work
on a one-to-one basis with their students.

Zionism as a goal

The radio strives to be a tool for forming a renewed Israeli and Zionist identity. The IDC reflects that very identity in its rare mix of students: immigrants from Ethiopia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Israeli Arabs and Jewish International students. Israeli identity will be at the heart of everything, incorporated as a cultural component in the programs as part of a world-view.

Community activity as a goal

The radio operates with the mission of reaching students, soldiers and youth, connect with them and motivate them to caring, involvement, active participation in the community and responsibility for the environment.

The IDC maintains close relationship with the city of Herzliya and the radio will work towards reflecting the maximum of opinions voiced by the community as derives from a dialogue with listeners. The radio will strive to connect the listeners and students to the local community and share its academic knowledge with the community. Listeners will be exposed to local and community contents which are not sufficiently expressed in other communication media.