Just Jammin


Language: EN

Just Jammin is a fresh radio show and web series, dedicated to promoting instrumental music and Jam. Each week we will bring in a new guest artist, who we will interview, and then will be able to perform a live (instrumental based) performance, in front of an intimate crowd of friends within the studio. Josh and Mike’s vibrant history as best friends is easy to feel through their incredible chemistry and flow in the studio and on the air. They worship bands such as The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, and Phish; who all share the same quality of JAM styled music.

Our aim is not only to promote music that sounds unique, but also attempt to create an intimate and fun environment for the viewer and artists . Our show is done entirely in English, promoting mostly Israeli Jam artists, who stem from all different types of genres such as jazz , blues, rock, funk, jam etc. It’s obvious that Israel is filled with many talented artists, and we want to expose these jammers throughout the world, and to hear their content.