Pizza on top a vinyl record player

This is the first slice of Funky Pizza by your favorite Italian baker in 2018. You better be careful when you eat it, because is hot!

On the top of this episode you will find some classic tunes from Nicolas Jaar, Ellen Allien and Da Rebels. But also some interesting tracks from one of my favorite lo-fi house artists, the Austrian-based Demuja and a very interesting collaboration between Funkadelic and Soul Claps.
Finally, the last bite of the mix will be very Italian. As a matter of fact I have selected a very chill tune by Riccio, published in 2014 on Bosconi Records. Bosconi Records can be considered one the leading labels in the underground world… and it is also based in Firenze, the city where I am from!

Now as usual click play, enjoy today’s slice of pizza and STAY FUNKY!

DJ W!ld- Bizas (Original Mix)

Nebraska- Khan’s bargain (Tom Noble Remix)

Demuja- Listen (Original Mix)
Nicolas Jaar- Space Is Only Noise If You Can See (Dave Aju Remix)
Ellen Allien- The Kiss (Jesse Perez Remix)

Funkadelic, Soul Clap- First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate (Samplecopydupeitandloopittostupid Mix)
Demuja – Feel Strong (Original Mix)
Eli Escobar- Seein You (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

Da Rebels- House Nation Under A Groove (DJ T.’s Edit)

Gerry & The Holograms- Gerry & The Holograms (JD Twitch Edit)
Alejandro Paz- El House (Original Mix)
Riccio- Pretty Eyes (Original Mix)

Peace and funkiness
Francesco Giannelli”

Image Credits: Nicolas Raymond, Hans Dinkelberg, Dominik Schwind

Pizza on top a vinyl record player
Pizza on top a vinyl record player

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