Pizza on top a vinyl record player

Welcome back on Funky Pizza,
unfortunately our journey around the music pizza is coming to an end, there are only 2 shows left.

I have personally baked this slice of pizza and I have put some Italian and Israeli topping on it. As a matter of fact, you will find some tracks from great artists as Pino Daniele, Lucio Battisti, Moscoman, Red Axes, Marvin & Guy and Tiger & Woods.

I have also payed a small tribute to my favorite dj, Francesco Farfa. In fact, the first track of this mix was the first track he played the first time I listened to him back in 2008.

Now as usual relax, click play, enjoy today’s slice of pizza and STAY FUNKY!


1- Good Guy Mikesh, Filbert – Freddy (Original Mix)
2- Dro Carey – Queensberry Rules Feat. KUCKA (Mall Grab Remix)
3- German Brigante, Thomas Gandey – I Warned You
4- Moscoman – Akachi (Original Mix)
5- Leon Sweet – Sunny Bigler (Fingerman Rework)
6- Tiger & Woods – RockMeLoveMe (Original Mix)
7- Red Axes – Sun My Sweet Sun (Fango Goes To Bollywood Remix)
8- Lucio Battisti- Il Veliero (Chicago Balls Rework)
9- Dino Lenny, Doorly – The Magic Room (Luke Solomon’s ‘Live Forever’ Remix)
10- Pino Daniele – A Me Me Piace O’ Blues (Jolly Mare Lifting)
12- Stereo – S.I.T.N. (Marvin & Guy MIXXILEdit)

Peace & funkiness,
Francesco Giannelli

Image Credits: Nicolas Raymond, Hans Dinkelberg, Dominik Schwind

Pizza on top a vinyl record player
Pizza on top a vinyl record player

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