Pizza on top a vinyl record player

Hi guys,
it is with the tears in my eyes that tell you that this is going to be the last episode of Funky Pizza!
It has been an interesting journey with a lot of guest djs that have played the music that they love and I have also been able to bake for your different slices of pizza with various toppings.

If you haven’t listened to the old episodes yet, do it. You want regret it, trust me!

As this last episode is concern, it’s going to be very different from all the rest. First of all, it’s not a mix but a pure selection of tracks. I have selected a variety of songs and musical genres that at the end are all related to my world and my concept of “dance” music.

On the top of your pizza this time you will find some classic and modern funk, some trip-hop, some Italian hip-hop, Israeli funky, disco and even some Estonian soul from the Soviet time. Very tasty!

Now for the last time, relax, enjoy today’s slice of pizza and don’t forget to STAY FUNKY!


1- Daryl Hall & John Oates – I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)
2- Velly Joonas ‎– Stopp, Seisku Aeg
3- Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Liquid Love
4- Jimmy “Bo” Horne – Let Me (Let Me Be Your Lover)
5- Dâm-Funk – We Continue
6- Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
7- Plastic Bertrand – Stop Ou Encore
8- Tom Tom Club- Wordy Rappinghood (Special 12” Version)
9- James Brown – People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul
10- Lack Of Afro- The Outsider
11- The Apples – Kidney Stone
12- Neffa – In Linea
13- Wax Tailor – Que Sera
14 – Garfield Fleming – Don’t Send Me Away (edit)
15 – RJD2 – Ghostwriter

Peace & funkiness,
Francesco Giannelli

Image Credits: Nicolas Raymond, Hans Dinkelberg, Dominik Schwind

Pizza on top a vinyl record player
Pizza on top a vinyl record player

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