Pizza on top a vinyl record player

This is a quite special episode of Funky Pizza because is a 125 bpm techno mix. In the other episodes there has been a lot of house music, funky, italo disco, synth but only “influences” of techno music.
With today’s slice of pizza I want to show you a small part of my techno side, because techno is what I mainly play in clubs back in Italy.

The first track is a special remix done by my friends Stiv & Vallo last year to celebrate their first 10 years of career (you can download it for free here. Now they are working on a new project called TONETAPE and I hope I will get them to Funky Pizza!
In the rest of the mix you will hear different “shades of techno”, from Mr. G to Floorplan, going through Massimiliano Pagliara and James Holden.
Finally, I wanted to close the set with my favorite track of 2017, Aura by Bicep. Simply magnificent!

Now as usual, click play, relax, enjoy today’s slice of pizza and STAY FUNKY!


1- Relative- Simple Things (Stiv & Vallo Rmx) 125 bpm
2- Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance (TKC Mix)
3- Ellen Allien, Thomas Muller – Delta Zoo (Thomas Muller Edit)
4- Murat Tepeli – ciftetelli
5- Mr. G – Transient
6- Massimiliano Pagliara – If I Try To Forget I Miss You
7- Mr. Tophat, Art Alfie – Yellow Feather
8- Floorplan – Ritual
9- James Holden – A Break In The Clouds (Main Mix)
10- Bicep – Aura (12’’ Mix)

Peace and funkiness,
Francesco Giannelli”

Image Credits: Nicolas Raymond, Hans Dinkelberg, Dominik Schwind

Pizza on top a vinyl record player
Pizza on top a vinyl record player

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