Pizza on top a vinyl record player

Hi guys and welcome back to Funky Pizza!

Today I am very glad to present you my favorite Israeli dj, Adam Ten.
Adam was the first dj I have listened to the first time I went clubbing in Tel Aviv some months ago. I was really impressed by his ability to read the dancefloor and play along with the crowd, something that is very rare to find in today’s “superstar djs”.

Since that day I have listened to him in different clubs around Tel Aviv and he has never disappointed me or the crowd. Now I am very glad to finally have him on Funky Pizza!

Adam Ten’s curriculum is very remarkable. He is the co-founder of the Dov Gummy collective and of the Terra events, two movers and shakers of the Tel Aviv underground scene, aiming to colour the dark underground world in unusual locations around the city. He is resident dj at Breakfast Club and he is a regular guest of all the major clubs in Tel Aviv (The Block, Bootleg and many others).

In this mix He delivers us an elegantly crafted house mix, blending tribal vibes, old school vibes & psychedelic thrills to a one 1 hour of journey
Enjoy the ride.

Now as usual relax, click play and STAY FUNKY!


Silent Echoes – Diorama (Roe Deers Remix)
TB – Hello Moon (Deep)
Dominik Marz – Tears (Aera Edit)
Nordfold – To Become A Thought Feat Sanne (Nordfold’s Klubb Flip)
D.Y.A – Lite (Edit A)
Oscar P, FNX – Filtered African Blues (FNX Remix)
Jobe – Rafari
Nozz – Lost Memoris II !
Jacob Korn – Mindfulness
Melatonin Man- Garrol !
Prins Thomas – Å (Pional Remix)
Musumeci – Hey Mama!
José González – Stay In The Shade (Pablo Fierro Edit)

Peace and funkiness,
Francesco Giannelli

Image Credits: Nicolas Raymond, Hans Dinkelberg, Dominik Schwind

Pizza on top a vinyl record player
Pizza on top a vinyl record player

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