ICT world summit 2017


“This isn’t just probably the most Pro – Israeli White House in the Modern Age, it is the most Pro- Israeli White House since 1776…” Dr. Sebastian Gorka – Former Deputy Assistant to US President Donald Trump in the first interview in Israel with Dan Diker.

“Argentina is the Israel of Latin America…” Dr. Joseph Humire – Executive Director, Center for a Secure Free Society(SFS), United States & H.E. Miguel Angel Soto – Former Secretary of Intelligence & Security, Argentina speak with Dan Diker about the penetration of terror organizations in Latin America and the similarities to Israel.

Dan Diker interviews Mr. Peter Knoope – Associate Fellow and Former Director, International Centre For Counter Terrorism (ICCT), The Netherlands about Europe and radical Islamic terror from grievance to ideology.

Dan Diker interviews The Honorable Douglas J. Feith – Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, and Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, United States about the ups and downs of US efforts to combat radical Islam in America’s fight against terrorism.

Dan Diker interviews Mr. Denis J. Monette – Associate at ICT & Chairman, STARCOM, Former Assistant Commissioner of Police, Nassau, New York, United States of America on the challenges of urban terrorism.

ICT world summit 2017
ICT world summit 2017

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