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This is the show that covers it all; Music, Food, Culture, Technology and Fun! It’s your weekly update on everything cool and interesting happening here in Israel.

New waves of Jewish entertainment

We deal with Jewish culture, religion, and current events, both in Israel and worldwide. We feature interviews from people from all kinds of different backgrounds and countries to try to bring knowledge and entertainment to people from all walks of life.

Latinizate will be blending and mixing 5 different amazing cultures. Three Latin American countries, as well as some input all the way from Spain, mixing it with our various experiences in Israel. By comparing and contrasting our experiences, you will get great insight, but also a great laugh at all the funny incidents we have encountered during these times of discover of the Middle Easter hidden gems. They say the Israeli culture can be difficult, but they did not expect four Latins to come encounter them.

Were men can be men

Since the dawn of time humanity has searched for its manliest of hero’s. Three mighty men arose from the ashes of the phoenix and with their bear hands and their stern wits built a place where the knowledge of men can finally be shared with the masses.

For so many of us, Israel is our home. It’s somewhere that we love, and for which we will always stand up and support. Let’s face it though, there are some really infuriating moments and we’ve all had experiences that are so shocking and unbelievable that they’re bloody hilarious. Join us for an hour of culture, music, headlines and much more.

Your weekly source for everything happening in the world of pop-culture and technology. Join hosts Samuel Polay and Pablo Vinocur as they dive through that week’s news as well as share their personal tastes and music.

IDC’s English Culture Magazine

The Lounge is a weekly culture show, covering the fields of art, music, theater, dance and music. With interviews from key figures from the industry.

The spoken word

“The Mosaic” is a radio show which combines spoken word poetry and music from all genres and styles to take listeners on a deep lyric journey. Hosted by Zara Medugu.

Israeli Culture

A fascinating multi-platform radio show that offers a unique and international glimpse of Israel. We cover people in their daily lives telling us their inspiring stories, the surprising and multicultural Israeli cuisine, Israeli breakthrough innovations and more…

Unfiltered is a show where no topic is off limits. The show consists of 3 colorful hosts debating head to head in a free-wheeling and humorous manner, along with the help of experts on the topic. If you want to laugh and gain some knowledge thisis the show for you!

Who are you is an interview show presented by Liam Weberman and Sabrina Zeloof. The hosts promise to bring you the most interesting people from around the globe for exclusive interviews. The global affairs show covers a wide range of topics like politics, languages, and current affairs. The show is produced by Andrea Krolowitz.

Want to get to know Israel and all the best locations to visit? Tune in to find out all about Israel’s secret places that don’t necessarily appear in the usual tour guides. This is the show that will teach you all about the festivals, special productions and culinary trips all around Israel.