Get ready know the real Brazil! Fabio Schapiro presents “A Voz do Brasil”, a show with the best and the worst of Brazilian Music.

Alternative, Indie @ Avant-garde music from the emerging vibrant musical scene of Israel. A radio program with Mira Ann Beinart & Yoram Morad.

Jump aboard a sonic spaceship and we’ll soar across a universe of tunes. From freak-folk to dream pop, space rock to heavy psych, electric and eclectic: welcome to Astronaut Tea Party. Hosted by Zohar Shoshani and he will be your pilot for this journey, inviting you to turn on, tune in, and drop out.

Dan Farkas “digs” up the latest music each and every week.

House, Techno & Disco. A fresh Italian Mix with your music baker Francesco Giannelli.

Music from Israel by Israeli Artists In English for the World to listen

Israelights, the show that gives you Israeli artists performing with English material. Hosted by Uri Levin and Noa Margalit with special tunes, interviews and performances in the studio.

Get ready for a pumped up hour blend of Today’s Top 50s hits mixed with Golden Oldies from the 60’s – 90’s! Hosted by Daphna Hoffman here making sure your Saturday night’s stay exciting every week!

Roland P. Young’s weekly music show: MYSTIPHONICS is a presentation of the spiritual and physical aspects of music which traverses multiple genres and descriptive characterizations.

Music all over

A musical journey around the world and through the story behind the music and the social-political context of the Music. The program is Inspired by history and music of countries such as Ethiopia,Mali,Senegal, South Africa,Ghana, Nigeria, and more…

Music from Israel by Israeli Artists for the World to listen

The best of what the Israeli music industry has to offer. From the classics to the indie to the alternative, introduces the English speaking audience to the local scene.

The battle over political and cultural domination between these two countries is as old as the Boston Tea Party incident during the 18th century and it has now reached the musical realm. This podcast aims to answer one of the most fundamental questions of our time: Who makes better music – Britain or America?

Teen Dream is a musical journey that will take listeners to the city that never sleeps – focusing mainly on NYC based bands, and what music is trending in NYC. A show that’s mainly tailored around the indie/alternative underground scene, but not limited to that – the show will also play music within subgenres such as jangle pop, new wave, lo-fi, shoegaze, chillwave/vaporwave, etc that have inspired many of New York’s musical acts.

An introduction to the Alternative Arab music scene

The presents a different side of the Arab culture through alternative Arabic music, a side that many people, even Arabs, don’t know about. The artists featured are from all over the Arab world.

The French Connection is featuring various kinds of music genres introduced by french artists, french speaking artists or singers performing in french. We will discover all kind of different music showing a french connection to the story, the lyrics or to the artist.

IDC Radio’s premier Electronic Music show! Our music is centered around 21ST CENTURY EXLECTRO that does not only display the exciting new electronic music of today but also encompasses old forgotten genres that are reenergized and given a facelift for our entertainment.

Are You Resurrected?!

The best rock music on earth So WAKE UP, open your mind, and tune the Resurrection of Rock to have a bit of light between all music going on right now!

Timeless Blues

Eli “Dr. Blues Marcus presents many different shades and colors of the Blues: New, old, local, international, North, South, East, West, Black, White, Brown, Red and Yellow. Acoustic, electric, eclectic, solo, duo, band, ensemble.

Ease into the weekend with an hour of nostalgia, singer songwriters and songs to bring you from doing into being. Music lover Marilyn Ambach, 37, is a mother of 2 little girls from Belguim works as a freelance concert producer since she moved to Israel in 2007. As a kid she grew up in the music business with her father being both a concert promoter and a blues musician. Music has always been around and that is how she discovered her personal taste and managed to work with her ultimate idols. Tune in to her some of her anecdotes of working with her idols and some personal stories and thoughts. Leonard Cohen is a key figure in her life and will be featured weekly in the show. It’s time to Unwind and Rewind from a busy week into the weekend…