Anarchy, controversy, and punches below the belt, all that and much more was celebrated during the Punk movement in the 70’s.

Clearly, The Sex Pistols play an essential role in the success of punk music and lifestyle, but don’t be mistaken by believing that everything was that straight forward.

This is the story of two bands from different continents, whose faiths were connected by one particular individual that was determined to push his punk agenda into the bedrooms of teenagers all over America and Britain.

So who is going to win this battle? “The New York Dolls” as the underdog, or the famous Sex Pistols – place your bets and enjoy the fight.

Sex Pistols – Holiday in the Sun
Sex Pistols – Liar
Sex Pistols – Live in Manchester 1976
Sex Pistols – Satellite
New York Dolls – Personality Crisis
New York Dolls – That’s poison (actress)
New York Dolls – I’m a girl I’m a boy
New York Dolls – Looking for a kiss
New York Dolls – Trash
New York Dolls – Puss ‘n Boots
New York Dolls – Stranded in the jungle
Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK
Sex Pistols – God save the Queen
New York Dolls – I’m a human being


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