The Bridge Ishtar Mixtape

The Bridge brings you an hour of all female artist mixtape inspired by Roots of Art latest event Ishtar.

Roots of Art‘ is for the first time presenting an all-Arab women stage featuring hugely talented artists for a night of fun, dance, and art. DJ Hiba Salameh, DJ Sana Jamm, DJ Yasmine Eve, Luna Abu Nassar & the Band & Maysa Daw ميساء ضو & the Band, Thursday the 16th of August!

Restless Leg Syndrome – Dabkeh
Mona Haydar – Barbarian
Meryem Saci – Concrete Jungle
Luna Abu Nassar – Ax El Ser
Haya Zaatry & Ottor – Baladi
Rim Banna – Loving You // أُحبك
Maysa Daw ميساء ضو – Rise Up – قومي
Tam Tam – Identify Myself
Malikah ft Z The People – Sma3
Hanouneh – Getting Ready For War
Ghazall – Elli Fat Mat
Luka Blue – Hashrab Hashish
Fairouz – Bent El Shalabeya ( Weela Remix)
Fairouz – DJ Hiba Salameh Remix
Yasmine Hamdan – Aziza

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Image Credits: Maysa Daw, Yasmine Eve, Sana Jamm, Hiba Salameh

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