World College radio day

WCRD is a 24 hour marathon in which college radios from all over the world broadcast celebrating college radio and this year’s theme is accepting the other.

Hosted by Yvonne Saba & Tomer Gershenman who interviewed:

Nas Daily  a Palestinian Israeli American daily vlogger who travels all over the world and post 1 minute videos documenting his travels.

JouJou the manager of the Facebook page Palestine Loves Israel and is part of the Peace Factory an organization dedicated to making peace go viral.

Neta Weiner of System Ali a 10 member band from Jaffa that rap in 4 languages Arabic, English, Hebrew and Russian

Orlando Arellano from Seeds of Peace an organization that started in 1993 bringing youth together from all over the world to inspire and cultivate new generations of leaders to transform conflict.

The Apples – Attention!
Balkan Beat Box – Why
ליאורה יצחק – מעלה מעלה
Assaf Avidan – Over My Head
System Ali – Yafaweye
Heartbeat – The Truth
Marina Maximilian – My Boy

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