tal cohen shalev

טל כהן שלו בתכנית חלון פנורמי

Every now and then a musical act can seem to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries. Such a musician can create something that almost defies the accepted notions in his own field. Tal Cohen, being a sensitive and timid adolescent, was most drawn to the music of the authentic generation of musicians such as James Taylor, Nick Drake and Cat Stevens who had a tremendous influence on crafting his musical style. At the age of 24 he released his first album 'Heartaches and Ashes' which consists of ten tracks, most dealing with heartbreak, desperation and optimism. This album, along with his soothing voice and humility, recall a sense of detachment from its time and place, a theme which resonates even more clearly in the following album. The modest success of his cathartic debut gained Cohen-Shalev the attention of the local indie scene in Israel, which was succeeded by performances in various Israeli music festivals and a loyal following.

mati caspi
חלון פנורמי

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