AudioVersity (formerly IDC Radio) is a college radio station operating under the educational stations of Kol-Israel Radio and broadcasting from the Sammy Ofer School of Communications studios at the Reichman University.

  • The station is operated by students and staff from the Reichman University, under supervision of senior professionals from the communication industry. As part of their curriculum, students experience all aspects of the radio – broadcasting, producing and audio editing.
  • The station operates without commercials and as a non-profit organization.
  • Students’ innovation, creativity and originality coupled with professionalism and emphasis on the values of the Reichman University set the AudioVersity apart in the Israeli communication map.
  • AudioVersity focuses on talk programs and is unique in that it includes students from the Raphael Recanati International School and offers broadcasts in English as well as in Hebrew.
אולפני הרדיו


  • We aim to create interesting, intelligent, fun and high quality content.
  • Our programs includes a wide variety of gneres in both music and talk radio, such as: culture, current affairs, comedy, academia, sports, music, entrepreneurship, society and Zionism.
  • The station music variety goes from popular to alternative appealing to a wide spectrum of age groups. We aim to give a stage to all geners of music from akternative to the latest music hits craeting a unique and intriguing line of music.
  • Reichman University maintains close relationship with the city of Herzliya and the radio will work towards reflecting the maximum of opinions voiced by the community and academic knowledge as derives from a dialogue with listeners.
אולפני הרדיו


The radio strives to be a tool for forming a renewed Israeli and Zionist identity. Reichman University reflects that very identity in its rare mix of students: immigrants from Ethiopia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Israeli Arabs and Jewish International students. Israeli identity will be at the heart of everything, incorporated as a cultural component in the programs as part of a world-view.

אולפני הרדיו


Ofer Levi – Station Manger.
Anat Greenblum – Head of content.
Tomer Gershenman – Music Editor.
Roni Rahav – Head Producer and Academic Coordinator.
Tomer Frishman – Digital Manager.
Yvonne Saba – AudioVersity Manager.
Elad Naimi – Webmaster and Sound Engineer.

Reichman University
Ha’universita 8, Herzliya.

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