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Terms of Use – a formal agreement

Any use, entry and/or access to the site, is subject to these Terms of Use. Your approval of these Terms of Use constitutes a binding agreement for your use of this site.

Should these Terms of Use be unacceptable to you, kindly refrain from using the site or otherwise entering it.

These Terms of Use may change from time to time, at IDC’s sole discretion, with no advance notice. We therefore advise you to revisit this page and review any updated versions of these Terms of Use.

Personal use, not for commercial use

The site is an additional aspect of IDC radio, offering users additional contents as part of their listening experience. Use of this site is personal. Commercial/for profit use of this site and any of its contents is prohibited.

Use of the site

You are fully responsible for any use of the contents on this site. Accordingly, as we are unable to supervise the various services offered on this site (talk-backs, forums, etc.), we hereby inform you, as follows:

Your use of this site may, from time to time, involve your submission of data. Kindly be advised that all data published on the site is visible to other web users. We therefore advise that you act with caution in submitting any data, since, by doing so, you are waiving your privacy therein.

Contents on this site may include professional data in any number of fields (psychology, law, matrimony, etc.). This data is not meant as a recommendation or formal opinion, and is in no way a substitute for seeking professional advice. You are solely responsible for using or relying on any site data.

Contents on this site may be subject to intellectual property rights belonging to us or to any other party who has permitted us to make use of its work. You are therefore warned that you may not make any use of the site’s contents in any manner other than in the ordinary course of using this site.

We are not responsible for any links to other sites and/or services that appear on the site. You are solely responsible for any such use.

Certain contents on this site may be inappropriate for minors (under 18 years of age). If you are the guardians of minor/s, we suggest monitoring the contents to which they are exposed. You are solely responsible for any use made of this site by any minor under your care, and by allowing them access to this site, you shall be deemed as having consented to this liability and you agree to release us from any liability regarding any use made by the minor/s of the site.


All copyrights (in texts, pictures, drawings, sound or video files, graphics, software applications, etc.) of contents appearing on this site belong to the IDC and/or a third party who had authorized the IDC’s use thereof. You may only use site contents in a fair and reasonable manner, for non-commercial use, to the extent permitted by law, including the prohibition of any copy, dissemination, broadcast or transfer to any third party, public display, or any other publication of the site’s contents in any shape or form, whether electrical, technical or other, without our prior written consent.

Users who wish to broadcast, or otherwise upload data to the site, hereby declare and undertake that they have full rights to all such uploaded contents and further undertake that use of such contents under these Terms of Use (by you, by IDC, or by third party users) does not and will not constitute a copyright infringement or intellectual property infringement or any other legal infringement.

Breach of the above declaration and undertaking may expose you to legal proceedings, both civil and criminal, including for damages caused to us, to our users or to third parties.

Site Use Limitations

Use of this site shall be made in accordance with all applicable laws, including (without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid):

You may not use, broadcast, or otherwise upload threatening, racial, inciting, pornographic, disturbing, or hurtful content that may be offensive to the public, the users or any part thereof, or that may constitute an invasion of privacy.

You may not impersonate, forge, alter, erase or add details of other users, their messages, citations, or any other content included on the site.

You may not download any content from the Internet onto the site.

You may not send spam or junk mail using the site, unless specifically requested by the recipient.

You may not use the site for any computer attack or disruption, including by way of hacking, transferring files, software or applications, or by any other means.

If the contents that you wish to broadcast or otherwise upload may be inappropriate for minors, you must give an explicit warning thereof and not broadcast the contents before 10 pm (if relevant).

We do not monitor the broadcasted and uploaded contents, and we are not responsible for any such supervision, filtering or protection. However, we reserve the right to edit, block or remove any user/use/content as we see fit. We are under no legal obligation to impose any such supervision, and do so out of good will. Nothing in the aforesaid shall be construed as creating any liability on our part.

We reserve the right to stop, change or limit any of the site’s activities and/or uses, at all times, at our sole discretion and without any prior notice.

We further reserve the right not to publish or broadcast any talk-backs of users or listeners, at our sole discretion.

Should we permit any broadcast or upload of content, or link to an external site, any such acts may not be construed as an agreement, endorsement or aid of any such content or link.

Limited Liability

The site and its contents are offered to users on an “as-is” basis. We are not liable for any errors or other faults in content. We, and all entities on our behalf, are not liable for any errors or changes made by users or by any other third party, and we shall not be liable for any damage, loss or expense of users and third parties, as a direct or incidental result of using the contents on this site.

Payment and Registration

Use of this site is free. However, access to or use of certain applications may require registration and/or payment. Appropriate notice shall be given.

Privacy Policy

By using the site and its contents, you are consenting to us maintaining certain data about you in our databases, and to us using such data to send updates and detect your site uses, in any legal way we see fit to employ, including by way of installing “cookies”.

By broadcasting or otherwise uploading content to the site, you hereby acknowledge and consent to us, and anyone on our behalf, using the contents in the site as we see fit, at our sole discretion, and without the need for any additional consents or payments.

Contact information

Please send any inquiries regarding this site to: radioprod@idc.ac.il