I am a passionate creator and entrepreneur; I love to delve deeper and find meaning in all aspects of life and aspire to make this world a better place. I love inspiring and helping others in any way I can. I am super spiritually connected, I highly value purpose and meaning, and I am a strong believer that everyone has their unique purpose in this world to do good in their own way. In my daily life, I appreciate routine and organization as it sets the tone for an amazing day, while still leaving space for life’s spontaneous adventures. I am motivated to live my best life and follow my wildest dreams and passions in life with the help of God, and this podcast is to motivate others that they can too! I aim to live a healthy and balanced life and make time for my loved ones, my relationship with the Creator of the world, my purpose, my career, my hobbies, my outings, my physical activity, my health, exploring the world, and enjoying every minute of it.