Join us for a profound and powerful conversation with Ali Abu Awwad, a distinguished Palestinian peace activist and founder of Taghyeer, a movement advocating nonviolence for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Born in 1972 in Halhoul, his journey from a politically active family, through imprisonment in an Israeli jail for four years, to a peace advocate, reflects a profound transformation.

Initially involved in the First Intifada, Awwad’s perspectives shifted during his imprisonment, leading to his engagement in nonviolent resistance. This change was catalyzed by personal tragedies, including his brother Yousef’s killing by an IDF soldier, which deepened his commitment to nonviolent activism. Awwad’s efforts are recognized globally, including his portrayal in documentaries and honors for promoting nonviolent, civic engagement in Palestine. His work includes collaborating with Israeli peace activists, emphasizing reconciliation and understanding.

Taghyeer, under Awwad’s guidance, organizes large-scale demonstrations and community projects, striving to establish a Palestinian nonviolent identity and advocate for peace. Awwad’s upcoming memoir, “Painful Hope,” encapsulates his experiences and vision for a peaceful Palestinian future.