Join me in conversation with renowned psychoanalyst Merav Roth, who speaks about her experience driving down to the Dead Sea on October 8 to be with the survivors of Kibbutz Beeri; families who were going through the worst horrors imaginable, and the guidelines she created for therapists dealing with the ongoing trauma. She ended up staying there for weeks and has since been working to help bereaved families and children, hostage families, and hostages who have returned from Gaza. She also speaks about her own resilience ingrained in her by her famous father as well as her brother Yair Lapid, and we speak about the obligation to continue to live life from a place of deep compassion, and self-compassion.

Prof. Merav Roth (PhD) is a clinical psychologist, a training psychoanalyst and an interdisciplinary researcher of psychoanalysis and literature. Merav is at the University of Haifa and the former head of the “Psychoanalytic psychotherapy program”; former founder and chair of Melanie Klein’s advanced studies; and former chair of the Interdisciplinary psychoanalytic Doctoral unit, all in the School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. Merav wrote many psychoanalytic papers and chapters, including on the life and death instincts, on the interdisciplinary interface of psychoanalysis and literature and on trauma and bereavement. Her first book in Hebrew (carmel, 2017) was translated into English, titled “A psychoanalytic perspective on reading literature – Reading the reader” (Routledge, 2020). Her (Hebrew) book “True love as the love of truth” was recently published (Alma publishing house, 2024).