In this emotionally resonant episode, we sit down with Einat Natan, Israel’s renowned parenting expert, bestselling author, and devoted mother of five. Einat shares her profound insights on how parents can navigate the turbulent waters of raising children in times of war. She discusses the crucial need for acknowledging and addressing the spectrum of emotions that both children and parents experience during such challenging times.

Einat, who has graced multiple media platforms with her expertise, opens up about the delicate balance between showing strength and allowing vulnerability, emphasizing that true resilience sometimes involves the courage to break down. Drawing from her bestselling book “My Everything,” she offers guidance on being emotionally present for our children and creating a safe space for them to express their fears and hopes.

Einat’s voice provides a calming influence, encouraging parents to foster resilience and hope in their children while also caring for their own emotional needs. Join us as we explore the art of parenting in the shadow of conflict, where every moment holds the potential to teach, heal, and grow.