In this episode of ‘RAW,’ we sit down with esteemed spiritual leader Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum to explore the human, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of the current war.

Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum, founder of ZION: An Eretz Israeli Congregation in Jerusalem, shares her profound insights on Jewish spiritual and ethical renaissance. Named by the Forward as one of the five most influential female religious leaders in Israel, Tamar’s work promotes pluralism and religious freedom. Her words of wisdom, drawn from a life dedicated to renewal and human rights, offer a beacon of hope and compassion in these turbulent times.

Through candid conversations, we aim to uncover the underlying issues, personal stories, and philosophical questions that arise in the face of conflict. Whether you are religious or not, this episode promises to provide a thought-provoking and healing perspective on one of the most challenging issues of our time. Tune in to ‘RAW’ for an enlightening discussion that seeks to bridge divides and foster understanding.