Join Yvonne Saba and Ohad Merlin for this special program for World College Radio Day.

In a time of global strife, we want to send the message loud and clear that student radio stands with all those who are oppressed or suffering from violence, and seeks to champion justice and support sustainable peace for everyone.

This years theme is Voices for Peace and in our show we have a conversation with a duo who are doing just that. Dugri is a Israeli and Palestinian duo that focus on creating music, podcasts, spoken word and other artistic content that gives a voice to the young generation of their communities. Their goal is to empower the moderate majority, to call for a holistic solution of maximum well being for maximum beings, and to demonstrate a long-term collaboration between Jews and Arabs with a straightforward approach. Sameh ‘SAZ’ Zakout is a Palestinian Arab singer and actor and Uriya Rosenman is an Israeli Jewish educator and creator and together they want to inspire people to talk straightforward or in other words DUGRI.

For more information about Dugri check out their Facebook page 

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